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3 Secrets to
Your Blitzed Body!
Secret #1: 
Fat Loss, Toned, Stronger, Energised, 100%  Guaranteed Results!
We deliver the body you want.  Our approach is science-based & works every single time, guaranteed.  We've helped local residents lose over 6,000kgs of fat. You too will lose centimetres, become  fitter & more toned. Your energy levels will dramatically improve, you will be more productive, you will sleep better, you will be less stressed & anxious, you will look & feel your clothes, your bathing suit & your birthday suit!
Secret #2: 
​​​​​​​Results Focused 1-on-1 Coaching, Accountability& Custom Meal Plans!
We set you up for success with the right balance of group workouts, Nutrition Seminars, private 1-on-1 coaching & accountability sessions & individually tailor your meal plans using real food & life-sustainable tailored solutions to suit you. I have dedicated the last 30yrs of my life finding the healthiest, smartest, fastest, life-sustainable tailored solutions to fat loss & body transformation bringing them to you over the 8-Weeks.
Secret #3:
Amazing Innovative Fun Workouts To Shape You Within Your Fitness Level!
Our workouts are different & ensure we incorporate the correct balance of HIIT, cross-fit, bodybuilding, powerlifting, pilates, yoga, boxing, cross-training and cardio. If you're unable to perform an exercise for some reason, we always find an alternative for you. We can give you tailored home workout programs and you have an option to upgrade your challenge to include 1-on-1 PT providing even more focus, coaching & accountability.
Success Stories
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“Becoming healthy has meant so much for me. I feel strong, well, freed and equipped. I love my new routines and eating habits, and the fun of discovering many unexpected benefits of weight loss.  What I’ve learnt with your program this year will help me for a lifetime, and it’s even helped my family, friends and co-workers to reach their fitness goals!  Thanks Robb”.

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Kristy Whiting

“The mind, body and soul transformational journey I’ve undergone with your program has been an amazing experience and I’m extremely grateful.

My Coach Robb has designed a tailored nutritional plan along with a training program that has made it possible to achieve my goals. Every step of the way Robb has been there to help support, guide, motivate and encourage me, consistently pushing me to prove to myself that I can and will exceed my expectations.”

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